White Gold Symbolism (5 Meanings)

Did you know that there is no such thing as white gold? Try looking for it on the periodic table of elements. You will not find it. No such thing as white gold exists.

So, what is white gold, and how do we make it? Let us simplify the process of making white gold for you. For example, 24-karat gold is pure gold. Furthermore, 18-karat gold is 75% gold and 25% of something else.

To add that “something else” to the white gold alloy, we will use something really white, like nickel or cadmium. But, even with that added, the pure white color we seek is still not achieved. The next stage in creating white gold is plating, which involves covering the item or piece of jewelry with a thin layer of the metal rhodium.

That is how we get the white gold. Now that we have created the white gold, you may also be wondering what the white gold symbolism is.

White Gold Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

It is believed that white gold symbolism helps you improve your intuition, enhance your interpersonal relations, reduce negative energy, improve your learning ability, and regulate your emotional balance.

Improving Intuition

Have you wondered how you can improve your intuition in certain situations? Some people have naturally expressed intuition.

But, if you do not have it naturally or you want to improve it, there is a solution.

According to some, one of white gold’s symbolisms is that white gold has properties to improve your intuition.

Furthermore, it is believed that white gold helps you improve your capacity to recognize if your discussion partner is telling the truth or falsehood.

Additionally, white gold might support you in making the right choices in crucial circumstances.

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Interpersonal Relations

Have you ever wondered how you could develop your interpersonal relationships and communication abilities without taking any lessons or courses? 

According to popular belief, one of the white gold symbolisms is said to help in interpersonal communication. 

Additionally, white gold is considered beneficial when you are in unpleasant circumstances and want to prevent disputes with particular people.

Reducing Negative Energy

We all want to be positive throughout the day and deal with various situations with more positive energy. There is a solution. 

One of the beliefs of white gold symbolism is that it reduces negative energy and spiritual weakness and brings you much more peace and positive energy. 

Furthermore, it is believed that white gold can reduce tension, anger, and feelings of inferiority. Also, white gold can help you stay healthy much longer. 

Additionally, it is helpful when you want stability and peace in your life.

Improving Learning Ability

Another popular white gold symbolism is that it can improve your ability to learn things faster and better your understanding. 

Furthermore, white gold should be worn in case you want to improve your future. It gives you the power to do things to the best ability.

Emotional Balance

One thing we all want to achieve in life is balance. One of the most critical balances is definitely an emotional balance. 

According to some, white gold helps you improve your emotional balance by giving you positive energy (as explained above) in situations when you are not in a good mood. 

Additionally, if you are feeling down and unhappy, white gold is thought to be able to help you get better.

White Gold in Dreams

If you have a dilemma about whether dreaming about white gold is positive, you can be sure that, in general, it is. 

White gold in dreams symbolizes some transformation in your life in the most positive way. That transformation is leading you to success. 

Also, it is believed that white gold in dreams means that you are in a situation where you need to make a crucial decision. Additionally, this dream should suggest you prioritize things in your life and give them more attention.

In more detail, there is a difference if you dream of receiving gold from someone and giving it to someone. 

A much more positive scenario is when you receive gold because it symbolizes that you are gifted with something valuable or chosen for doing something valuable. 

On the other hand, if your dream consists of losing the gold or giving it away, that symbolizes negative results, such as losing something valuable. That kind of dream should remind you to guard yourself against things that can cause white gold loss.


To summarize, white gold symbolism has different meanings. The most important ones are that it helps you improve your intuition and interpersonal relations, reduces negative energy, improves your learning ability, and helps you regulate your emotional balance. 

In all of these meanings, white gold, in general, has a positive impact on your life and various situations you may encounter.