Ball Symbolism and Meanings

A ball or playing games with a ball was undoubtedly one of our favorite things to do or toys to play with when we were young. This is still true for some of us today. 

The exquisite spherical shape of the ball itself draws attention at all times. Although it appears consistent and the same from all angles, it offers various uses and interpretations.

So, have you ever wondered what the ball symbolizes?

Ball symbolism includes various connotations, but the most important and interesting ones are celestial or heavenly bodies (Moon, Sun, Earth), perfection, victory, and sport.

Ball Symbolism and Meaning

Celestial or Heavenly Bodies

For all humans, the universe and everything it contains, including planets and celestial bodies, have for a long time been a vast mystery. Those that resemble a ball are particularly intriguing and engaging. 

The Sun and the Moon are two examples of celestial shapes with spherical forms. These objects can be seen with the unaided eye, despite, for instance, the Moon being 385 thousand kilometers away from the Earth.

full moon shining above the city

The fact that all planets share that ball shape, a representation of perfection, unity, and infinity, is interesting and makes us wonder if this is a coincidence. 

One of the similarities between the Sun and the Moon is that both have the same exact ball shape. 

One of the ball’s symbolisms is undoubtedly fair play, which we may connect with the Sun and the Moon, whose alternate positions are in the same order without undermining the worth or brilliance of the other.


The shape of the ball is spheric. A round ball is like the Earth, Sun, and Moon, depicting universal perfection. 

Plato was one of the earliest philosophers to talk about symmetry and beauty in shapes.

Parmenides, a Greek philosopher, considered the world perfect due to its shape (spherical) and flawless motion (circular). 

water drop

The circle was described as “the perfect, earliest, and most attractive form” by Aristotle in the Physica.

Famous Greek philosophers weren’t the only ones who saw perfection in circles and spheric shapes; many writers and artists throughout history also did.


I always considered the Sun to be the most important of the heavenly bodies since it symbolizes the beginning of life on Earth. 

We might also relate the athletes’ triumphs to the victory of the Sun. No athlete enjoys losing; everyone who competes in ball-related sports wants to win. 

lady showing victory sign with her fingers

The ball is a symbol of victory because of what it represents. Of course, the ball’s perfect form is another aspect that contributes to its significance as a successful symbol. 

The ball symbolizes the success of interpersonal relationships because it facilitates social gatherings and always signifies fun and quality time for both children and adults.


When you think about popular sports, the first ones that come to mind are soccer, football, and basketball.

Be it oval or spherical, a ball is a central figure in each of these sports.

For many professional athletes, the ball symbolizes not only an item with which they play but also life.

As mentioned above, just like the heavenly bodies, the ball symbolizes fair play, so the same principle, competitive duty, and positivity are applied in sports. 

For children, the ball symbolizes carefree, playful games and challenges.

two kids playing soccer on a rainy day

Meaning of Ball in Dreams

Have you ever seen a ball in your dreams? There are many meanings for the interpretation of such dreams, depending on the position and conditions in which the ball occurs in dreams. 

No matter the ball’s size or the type of ball you dream about, all dreams in which a ball appears have pleasant outcomes as their common denominator. 

If you are playing a game with a ball in your dreams, this means that you will soon hear some encouraging and good news. Additionally, a ball in dreams denotes power, confidence, and a challenge in all areas of life.


Ultimately, we may say that the ball has more than just symbolic implications. The thief not only transports us back to our youth, but one of the most significant symbolisms of the ball is the heavenly bodies, eternity, victory, and sport. 

Who would have imagined that such a straightforward item could have such profound and uplifting significance? 

As a regular sports participant, this research and ball symbolism has inspired me to keep playing sports, including ball, even more, which has given me more positive energy than before and is helpful both physically and mentally, and emotionally. 

I hope this will inspire you too.